Stunning harbour views, gorgeous and spacious layouts, room to entertain right here on the downtown waterfront and freedom to travel and get active - maintenance free!

Join us for a private guided tour and view the restoration of this historic Summerside building while discovering 5 new Summerside homes. Only 3/5 left! If you're interested in upgrading from a smaller rental or a beloved but tired bungalow or farmhouse, or perhaps you're moving back from being away or living on the island for work, you can own a place where you wander the waterfront and entertain family and friends with this much ease, so just call!

To find out more, contact Scott Brown by email:, by phone: (902)436-1300, or drop in for a visit at our offices at Loft #2 at 359 Water Street.



Pricing can be the most stressful part about buying your new home. At Bayside Builders and IPAX Management, we're working really hard to make your transition from beloved old home to fresh new one a little bit easier, more secure and assured to produce the lifestyle experience you seek - without breaking your budget!

This is why we are not only home builders and professional managers, we are also experts in mortgages and finance - and have strong relationships with local banks - and are willing to help you fairly every step of the way to make your fresh start a reality.

Call, email or come on in for a personal consultation and check our pricing below.


Size/ Price/ Condo Fees
Loft #1 1740 sq.ft* SOLD

Loft #2 1500 sq.ft* $229,900.00** $260 per month SOLD

Loft #3 1425 sq.ft* $239,900.00** $235 per month - complete Sept 15, 2010

Loft #4 1539 sq.ft* $279,900** $260 per month - complete Aug 30, 2010

Loft #5 1556 sq.ft* $289,900** $260 per month - complete Aug 30, 2010

Condo Fees Include: Building insurance, Maintenance (Snow and Grass), Property Manager, Common Area Expenses, 15% towards reserve fund

*All sizes approximate
**Please note GST is extra
***All pricing is as close to reality as possible but still approximate and subject to market change. Appliances not included.***


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