Stunning harbour views, gorgeous and spacious layouts, room to entertain right here on the downtown waterfront and freedom to travel and get active - maintenance free!

Join us for a private guided tour and view the restoration of this historic Summerside building while discovering 5 new Summerside homes. Only 3/5 left! If you're interested in upgrading from a smaller rental or a beloved but tired bungalow or farmhouse, or perhaps you're moving back from being away or living on the island for work, you can own a place where you wander the waterfront and entertain family and friends with this much ease, so just call!

To find out more, contact Scott Brown by email:, by phone: (902)436-1300, or drop in for a visit at our offices at Loft #2 at 359 Water Street.


Advice? "GO FOR IT"!

Gerry and Debbie Bryanton Moved into their Downtown Summerside condominium in October of 2008. And there's been no looking back!

The smiling Spring Valley natives made the move themselves from a beloved 4 bedroom, 3-level to a luxury 2 bedroom condominium. It was definitely downsizing, though the square footage of their current condo is almost the size of a 1 story house.

They fell in love with the beautiful restored historic building, the stunning harbourfront views, the luxurious interiors of hardwood floors, granite countertops, marble baths and spacious layout their condo offered. But most of all, what sold the Bryantons was a quieter lifestyle.

"Neighbours have become family," they say. Just one of the many benefits they begin listing.

As opposed to renters, as owners they have full control of their own unit. "No chance of getting kicked out," they laugh.

They enjoy a cheque reserve and a contingency fund.

They entertain on a regular basis when in town. The location is central and lovely to them, and they enjoy a very sociable world.

Plus, they feel much more organized and started right off admitting that the move allowed them to "de-clutter and purge", an experience they very much appreciated, despite the one "con": it was still a lot of work setting up and organizing it all.

So how did they do it? How did they let go of their treasured family home and move into the city? How did they sort through their belongings and start afresh? They were both quick to add that this had been a 10 year plan prior to execution, and they "planned to move, executed it, and moved on". Since then, what began as a secondary home for them has become their primary home. And they haven't looked back.

When asked about storage of all their memories, the couple said they solved this in a "50/50" way. They still have some storage elsewhere, as well as toys at the cottage.

They have enough space in their condo not only for entertaining friends on a regular basis, but also they have hosted family for short stays between one day and a week.

Has it been worth it? The answer is a resounding YES. They immediately recommend this lifestyle to someone who has hit the peak of their career and wants to get away from upkeep, maintenance, grass and landscaping. 

By the same token, they are very clear, "It has to fit into your budget and everyone's budget is different." There are mid and upscale options, so there is something for every local's price point. They noted that it was key for them to have a good relationship with their bank and accountant whom they consulted constantly, as well as an intelligent entrepreneur son. Condo fees were new to them - but they made sense to them. Condo fees are small fixed amounts paid monthly and go to the whole association to pay for property management and maintenance of common areas and landscaping.

After we spoke with them, Debbie sent along an urgent note to make sure the following points were made:
Peace of mind
Historic Building
and Shopping..."
she said.
Guess they have the "worth it" answer pretty clear!
If you're interested in more advice on condo living, just give Angela a call at 902-436-1300.

Downtown group hoping for detailed development plans in tonight’s budget print this article
The Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE - Finance chair deputy Mayor Bruce MacDougall brings down the 2010 municipal budget tonight, but he was not giving away any details beforehand.
Downtown Summerside Inc. offered observations of what they would like to see come out of Monday’s fiscal document.
Local developer and Downtown Summerside president Peter Brown said the city needs to have a stimulus package for the downtown core if it is serious about bring the area back to life.
“Our big motivation was to get the city to use some sort of tax deferral for downtown development,” Brown said. “Charlottetown has done that since 2002.” However he has been unsuccessful in his attempts to have Summerside do the same.
Brown said his development, Harbour Terrace, would not have realized a great savings with a tax deferral, but to have it on the books would show willingness on the part of the city to work with developers who attract buyers and say, “We’re open for business.”
“Do we have to do it because Charlottetown did it?” he said. “I don’t think so, but because Charlottetown did it and they’re twice as strong a market, their incomes are higher, it’s almost like we have to do it. To me the deferral doesn’t cost them anything,” but it sends a message that city council wants development to happen in this area of the city.
On the positive side, said Brown, the city has been building some huge infrastructure - Credit Union Place, the pollution plant, the boardwalk and then the wind farm.
At a meeting with economic development director Mike Thususka last week, Downtown Summerside Inc. asked what direction the city was planning to take with the downtown core.
“We wanted to know what the global aspirations for the city were,” Brown said. “He (Thususka) said our new mandate is coming out in the budget. The master plan wouldn’t be made public until Tuesday.”
Brown is hoping the city’s plan is specific.
“If 1,000 new people living downtown is an aspiration of the city, that’s measurable,” he said. “I can build 40 apartments a year and we can get 100 new people living downtown over the next 10 years until we hit the thousand... I need to know because I don’t want to work against them. I want to work with them.”
Brown said there seems to be a new appetite within the city’s administration and possibly within city council to work together with local groups such as Downtown Summerside Inc. which he sees as positive.
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Frommers has voted Prince Edward Island in the top 10 of the 500 most extraordinary Islands in the world! (We include an excerpt from the article below. For the full article click HERE!)

Choose Your Escape

"Our new book 500 Extraordinary Islands began to take shape as sort of a life list -- how many islands have you been to, and which have you always dreamed of seeing? As our final list evolved...we found ourselves broadening the definition, expanding our concept of what makes an island alluring. But our main criterion was simple: We wanted to offer the 500 islands you'd most want to visit -- or perhaps stay on forever. Here are 10 of the most interesting.

Prince Edward Island, Canada: Beyond Green Gables

Sometimes all the Anne of Green Gables hoopla around Prince Edward Island gets to be a bit much.

How can a century-old series of children's books define an entire Canadian province? Drive around PEI's low rolling hills blanketed in trees and crops, and that bucolic past celebrated in Lucy Maud Montgomery's books makes sense after all. Beyond the jagged coast with its inlets and historic fishing villages, you'll discover that small farms make up the island's backbone...."

The lovely Prince Edward Island welcomes you to your own home visit or to stay forever!

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Local developer Peter Brown, president of Bayside Builders, took over as interim president of Downtown Summerside Inc. in December. Brown's vision for the downtown area includes more housing development to draw people who will eventually build up the business sector. Stephen Brun/Journal Pioneer
Local developer Peter Brown, president of Bayside Builders, took over as interim president of Downtown Summerside Inc. in December. Brown's vision for the downtown area includes more housing development to draw people who will eventually build up the business sector. Stephen Brun/Journal Pioneer
More people, more business seen as keys to downtown's future print this article
Peter Brown takes over as interim president of Downtown Summerside Inc.

The Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE - If you bring them here, they will build it.
That's Peter Brown's philosophy when it comes to drawing new residents and businesses to Summerside's downtown core.
Brown took over the volunteer position of interim president of Downtown Summerside Inc. after the resignation of Nelson Snow in December.
"My motivation is to get more people living in the downtown area while the city's motivation is getting people to work downtown," said Brown. "If you bring the people here, they'll create the jobs. We're hoping to have some sort of balance in working toward both those aspects."
He would prefer to see condominium development to help attract empty-nesters and retirees to the downtown area.
Brown is president of Bayside Builders, but said his ideas aren't motivated by his business agenda.
"There are so many useable buildings in the city and many businesses have second storeys that are underutilized," he said. "We could have six to eight additional development companies come into Summerside. There is some value in the bones of these older buildings and you can marry that with new development."
While there are opportunities for younger people in sectors such as e-health that already exist in Summerside, Brown said, he'd also like to focus on making part-time residents permanent fixtures in the city.
During Snow's eight years as Downtown Summerside's president, businesses grew from 203 to 218, and employee numbers rose from 1,976 to 2,206.
But some businesses and employees have also left during that time. And while the west-end boardwalk, and Credit Union Place have been completed, other projects like the revitalization of Water Street have not.
"We need the business community to invest and buy into the base we've created," said Brown. "It's frustrating for business people because the customers aren't there."
Brown will remain president at least until the organization's annual general meeting in April.


Former feed building to get new lease on life print this article 
The Journal Pioneer
May 29, 2009 
SUMMERSIDE – The building may not be much to look at now.But that will change this fall when the former west-end warehouse’s transformation into a million-dollar multi-unit condominium complex is complete.Peter Brown and Mike Fraser are converting the old Co-op feed building at 359 Water St. into mid-scale condos and commercial space.“We saw some value in adaptive reuse of the building,” said Brown.The building’s been vacant Atlantic Co-op Country Store’s closure in July 2008.The condo project received approval in April from the city’s planning board.Since, the developers have stripped the structure to its “bones”.The timber-framed two-and-a-half-storey building on the east corner of Water and Cedar streets is structurally sound, built around 1870 by local shipbuilders.“We took off all of the additions that went up over the years,” said Brown. “We are going to retain in the interior, as much as we can, any of the exposed beams.”The foundation, built to commercial standards in 1949, is also solid, he added.Brown’s been involved with two other city condo projects.Harbour Terrace, above the Journal Pioneer, was his first project and was more “upscale high-end” — in the $300,000 to $400,000 range per unit. The Suites on St. Stephen, across Second Street from Valu-foods, houses “entry-level” condos, at around $120,000 and up.The Lofts at 359 Water is somewhere in between.“We’re the only developers doing condominiums in Summerside. We have to provide a mid-range product, both in size and in price point,” said Brown. He sees the potential tenants as those in their 50s to early 60s.“We see it as much more attractive to the local market who is ready to get rid of their house and the maintenance.”At Harbour Terrace, four units are for sale while at Suites on St. Stephen, six units of the 12 unitshave sold and two have offers pending.Each 1,500-square-foot condo at Lofts of 359 Water starts at around $200,000.When complete, the building will almost double in size to 7,500 square feet.“We’ll be adding four dormers to the west. Then there will be a four-bay garage to the north,” explained Brown.A single-bay garage will be added on the southeast section of the complex.On the east, patios will face downtown with the front facing west.The complex’s main floor will consist of residential and potential commercial space while the basement and top floor will house condos. In total, five condo units will be constructed.It will include a geothermal heating system with compressors in each unit.Already there’s interest in residential and commercial space.

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