Stunning harbour views, gorgeous and spacious layouts, room to entertain right here on the downtown waterfront and freedom to travel and get active - maintenance free!

Join us for a private guided tour and view the restoration of this historic Summerside building while discovering 5 new Summerside homes. Only 3/5 left! If you're interested in upgrading from a smaller rental or a beloved but tired bungalow or farmhouse, or perhaps you're moving back from being away or living on the island for work, you can own a place where you wander the waterfront and entertain family and friends with this much ease, so just call!

To find out more, contact Scott Brown by email:, by phone: (902)436-1300, or drop in for a visit at our offices at Loft #2 at 359 Water Street.

Ah, thank you, Summerside, for such glorious sunset glow

>> Monday, December 21, 2009


Oooo, more dormers! Snazzy...


Cloudy November evening sees us peeking inside...still hard to picture yet though!


The sunsets promise to be stunning. So, we forge ahead to make good on the Lofts too!

The stunning harbour view from inside the dormer window, third floor of the Lofts.
The view from the soon-to-be screened in room on the third floor of the Lofts. Beautiful!
The Bayside Builders construction team building the front roof.

A great side view of the Lofts with harbour in background.

Where the parking garage will go up...any day now!
A view of the interior: original timber beams that will give the Lofts their flare!

One of the indoor garage spaces in the works.
Where a garage door will be - soon!
Our Bayside Builders team at last taking a well-deserved coffee break!
Beautiful late Autumn views will become even more beautiful Summer views!

Read more... man's junk is another man's treasure...?

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

A beautiful shot of the Lofts under construction, from across the street.
Our Bayside Builders team hard at work!

Side views of the Lofts with a view of the harbour.


Sure, she may still look like the old "Co-Op Feed Building", but looks can be deceiving...

>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lofts at 359 Water still retaining the original roof.

Shots of the indoor parking garage foundation.


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